List of app and social network you can make video calls with


Technology makes every thing simple, we can feel d presence of our loved ones even Though they are miles away from us and this can be achieve by simple video calls, here are some list of app that u can use to get along with that.

U can install the app In Google Play Store and set up an account or u can use a Microsoft login this can work on the following gadget’s : Android devices, tablets, desktops, iPhones, laptops,window 10 phones,etc
Skype to Skype video /audio calls are free all u need is your data on to get on it


This is one of the best video call app u can use and it comes along with apples hadware.
This app doesn’t need any setup to be used but it has limited gadgets so there’s a problem with that if you don’t have this gadgets you can’t use facetime: MacBook,ipad,iphone there are some special future’s with iPhone X,iPhone XS or iPhone XS Max this phones let you use memoji to replace your face.

Whatssap is one of the popular social media network,you can text messages,send pictures, send voice notes and send animated GIF without paying. But also you can make a video calls all you have to do is click at the video camera icon at the top the screen and boom it will start a video call. It’s just that simple. You can also make a group video call with this app here are the steps
1.login your account on the contact you want to have video chat with and click on the video icon at the top of the screen.
3.when you are done with step 2 and the call is on progress click on the add icon at the top of the screen a drop down menu of your contact will appear, search for whom you wish to add then click on the contact. Here you have your group video call you can add up to 20 people

Facebook is one of the most use social network with great features
To get on with video call go to the messenger and locate the video camera button on the screen,face book is also good for group video call up to 50 people.


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